• Regulation Licence

    Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) regulation

  • Comprehensive Strength

    GeminiCap has grown into an influential international financial services organization

  • More than fifty years of experience accumulated by professional core team will guide your trading voyage.

Brand Background

Gemini Capital Markets (GeminiCap) is a registered trading name of IX Capital Group Limited, which is authorized and regulated by the Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) under Registration Number SIA-F188. Already have offices in Europe(London), Asia(Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai) and North America(Bahamas).
Geminicap has always adhered to the "customer first" philosophy. We’re committed to providing efficient, convenient and comprehensive foreign exchange trading services to individuals and institutional investors. The core management team of the group cumulatively has over 50 years of experience within the financial services sector particularly within the fields of FX and CFD.

GeminiCap's core team includs many experienced and discerning masters in the industry.
The practical experience of team members have been accumulated for more than fifty years in the foreign exchange industry, involving all aspects of the foreign exchange industry. From the transaction itself to differentiated services, from risk management to legal compliance, they have thoroughly studied and accumulated. Under the leadership of a comprehensive and highly professional core team, GeminiCap will stand out from many platform and become a trusted partner of many investors.

  • Alex Praill

    Head of Operations

    Alex is the Head of Operations of Gemini Capital Markets. Alex began a career in the Financial Services industry at IG Group and is responsible for delivering to the business the direction and discipline to ensure that clients receive a premium customer experience at all levels. Innovating and adding excellence in all areas is key to Alex’s position.

  • Aldrius Low

    Head of Risk and Technology

    Aldrius has considerable experience working in the Spot FX and CFD industry, both on the retail offering and in the institutional space. This includes managing liquidity relationships, risk management, technological infrastructure, system implementation and developing new product offerings.

  • Anthony Stubbs

    Commercial Director

    He has had a successful career in Wealth Management and Private Banking within the Bahamas and is currently President of Bahamas Investment and Securities Business Association (BISBA).

  • Bahamas Securities Commission
    (SCB) Regulation

  • The adventage of SCB

    • Offshore supervision pioneer, Deeply affected by FCA • Strong regulatory standards • Rich in regulatory experience, future development can be expected Check the license

The Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission (SCB), an important financial regulator of the Bahamas, is mandated by Bahamian law. Since its inception in 1995, Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) has been committed to establishing and managing the operating rules of financial markets. In recent years, its regulatory authority has been highly recognized by global markets and investors. Recognized, highly regarded and sought after by the industry; the Commission, under the laws of the Bahamian, adopts the definitions and standards of the World Trade Organization (WTO), requiring any company or individual engaged in financial services in the Bahamas to be accurate and comprehensive. And timely disclosure, and strive to build a fair, just, compliant, safe, dynamic and competitive investment trading market.
As a financial regulator with more than 50 years of cooperation with the world's largest financial institutions, Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) has extensive regulatory experience. At the same time, it is also a member of the International Securities Commission (IOSCO), the Americas Securities Regulatory Authority (COSRA), the Joint Investment Program Supervisor (OGCISS) and the Financial Services Regulatory Group (GFSR), and is also a member of the Caribbean Securities Regulatory Authority ( Active participants and contributors to CGSR).
Securities Commission of The Bahamas (SCB) has been continuously modernizing, technologically expanding and updating its regulatory technologies, facilities, personnel and work processes in order to better meet the changing global regulatory environment and growing regulatory demands. It aims to establish a dynamic and flexible regulatory system that not only protects the interests of the participants, but also continues to meet the high standards of international benchmarks.

  • One Million US Dollars of Insurance

    Up to one million US dollars of insurance guard your money

  • 1 million US dollars of insurance from Lloyd’s.Acquire right away after registration, valid insurance, strong guard.

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As the largest insurance institution in the UK, Lloyd’s, founded in 1686, provides every clients with up to 1 million US dollars of insurance. In fact, nine of the top ten airline companies and top nine aircraft manufacturers all purchase Lloyd’s insurance plan.

GeminiCap cooperates with Lloyd’s and provides clients with millions of insurance. GeminiCap provides clients with a million-dollar client money insurance. Eligible claimants can claim up to $1,000,000 which gives customers more confidence in trading.

A Claimant is a customer of the Insured who(i) is an Eligible Claimant in respect of the Insolvency Event (ii) has submitted its claim (including a claim form) to the Insolvency Practitioner within 12 months of the date of the Insolvency Event of the Insured; and (iii) has submitted its Investor Compensation Form to the Insured within 12 months of the date of the Insolvency Event of the Insured.