Gemini Capital

  • 50 years of Experience
  • 1 million of Insurance
  • 200 lessons of Training

50 years of Experience

Piloting your trading all times. Professional core team with 50 years of Experience.

  • Alex Praill

    Head of Operations

  • Aldrius Low

    Head of Risk and Technology

  • Anthony Stubbs

    Commercial Director

1 million of Insurance

Up to $1million insurance peace of mind.

  • Geminicap adheres strictly to the laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

  • GeminiCap provides customers with a million-dollar client money insurance. Eligible claimants can claim up to $1,000,000 which gives customers more confidence in trading. A Claimant is a customer of the Insured who
    (i) is an Eligible Claimant in respect of the Insolvency Event
    (ii) has submitted its claim (including a claim form) to the Insolvency Practitioner within 12 months of the date of the Insolvency Event of the Insured; and
    (iii) has submitted its Investor Compensation Form to the Insured within 12 months of the date of the Insolvency Event of the Insured.

200 Course of Training

Create a luxury training courses for you with our 50 years experience.

  • FX Markets

    Basic knowledge of FX markets and brokers

  • Trading Production

    Forex, Indices, US/HK Stocks

  • Trading Tool

    MT4, EA, Indicators

  • Trading Technology

    Fundamental and technical analysis

  • Risk Managment

    Build a good trading system from zero

Up to 1:500 Leverage

Up to 1:500 Leverage—customized floating leverage (gold 1:200, crude oil 1:200 is not fixed up to 1:500)

Products Leverage Maximal volume per trade
FX Max 1:500 (CHF crosses is 1:250) 40 standard lots
XAU fixed 1:200 20 standard lots
Indices fixed 1:100 (CHINA50 1:20;FTSE100、SP500、SPI200、DJ30、Nikkei225 fixed 1:200) 125 standard lots (CHINA50 20 standard lots; Nikkei225 10,000 standard lots)
XAG Maximum 1:200 20 standard lots
CL-OIL the maximal leverage is 1:400 for STD & VIP account
ECN account is fixed at 1:100
20 standard lots (1 standard lot equals to 1000 barrels)
USOUSD the maximal leverage is 1:400 20 standard lots (1 standard lot equals to 1000 barrels)
GAS-C Fixed leverage ratio1:20 10lots
COPPER-C Fixed leverage ratio1:20 10lots
Please be noted:
CHF crosses and XAG has the maximal leverage of 200,which halves the applicable leverage. For example, if the account has 100 leverage, CHF and XAG would have 50 leverage.if the account has 300 leverage, CHF and XAG would have 150 leverage.

1 to 1 Professional Customer Service

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