Trading Conditions

GeminiCap offer clients market leading pricing and trading conditions with both STP and ECN Connectivity. All orders in Gemini Platform will be executed at real market prices anonymously.

  • Stop out level
  • Leverage and volume per trade
  • Leverage limit
  • Pending order distance
  • Pending order (take profit and stop loss order) execution rules
  • Limit for volume per trade
  • Hedge
  • Swap
  • Holding perid
  • MAM (Multi-Account Manager)
  • EA
  • The instruction of the execution rules when market gaps
  • Margin
  • Stop out level

    1) stop out level: margin level is not higher than 100% (i.e. free margin is less than or equal to 0)
    2)stop our rules: the order having the biggest loss will be stopped out first instead of all the orders stopped out at the same time.
    Please be noted, it might happen that margin level is less than 100%, or even negative when the market gaps, like Brexit, which means negative balance can happen.

  • Leverage and volumn per trade

    GeminiCap provides the flexible leverage from 1:100 to 1:400 with more than $500 deposit amount to adapt to different clients’ demands. For the leverage modification, clients can submit an application for leverage modification by the background.

    Products Leverage Maximal volume per trade
    FX Max 1:500 (CHF crosses is 1:250) 40 standard lots
    XAU fixed 1:200 20 standard lots
    Indices fixed 1:100 (CHINA50 1:20;FTSE100、SP500、SPI200、DJ30、Nikkei225 fixed 1:200) 125 standard lots
    (CHINA50 20 standard lots;
    Nikkei225 10,000 standard lots)
    XAG Maximum 1:250
    ECN account is fixed at 1:100
    20 standard lots
    CL-OIL the maximal leverage is 1:500 for STD & VIP account
    ECN account is fixed at 1:100
    20 standard lots (1 standard lot equals to 1000 barrels)
    USOUSD the maximal leverage is 1:500 20 standard lots (1 standard lot equals to 1000 barrels)
    UKOUSD the maximal leverage is 1:500 20 standard lots (1 standard lot equals to 1000 barrels)
    GAS-C Fixed leverage ratio1:20 10lots
    COPPER-C Fixed leverage ratio1:20 10lots

    Please be noted: CHF crosses and XAG has the maximal leverage of 250,which halves the applicable leverage. For example, if the account has 100 leverage, CHF and XAG would have 50 leverage.if the account has 300 leverage, CHF and XAG would have 150 leverage.

  • Limit for leverage change

    Available leverage Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
    1:500 $500 $10,000
    1:400 $500 $50,000
    1:300 $500 $100,000
    1:200 $500 $250,000
    1:100 $500 >$250,000

    Please be noted, if the client have multiple accounts with us, we will use the total equity of all accounts to decide the maximum leverage.

    noted:leverage might be different for some illiquid products. The platform might change the leverage when the market is in high risk.

    If there are multiple accounts with the same owner in the same account, the capital in the multiple accounts will be accounted in the scope of the account’s maximum fund limit; different back-stage accounts with the same ID card will be accounted in the scope of the maximum fund limit; the total amount of all sub-accounts in the MAM will also be accounted in the scope of maximum fund limit.

    When the net value asset is more than the scope of the Gemini foreign exchange leverage: we will send an email to notify client that the net value exceeds the leverage requirements, the client needs to reduce the leverage or withdraw. It will be processed in the platform after receiving client’s feedback, if there is no client’s feedback, it will be forced to reduce the leverage of foreign exchange.

    How to apply for leverage modification of foreign exchange: choose the option “My Account – Trading Account Setting” on the left corner of the page in the background after logging, and then click the “Leverage Modification” to submit the application. Please ensure the content has been completed in the account after modification.

    Leverage modification of foreign exchange for position holding: it is available to apply for leverage modification of foreign exchange in the case of position holding, but it may have influence on the margin of your holding positions.

  • Pending order distance

    20 basic points from current price (includes pending orders, stop loss orders and take profit orders)

  • Pending order execution rule

    Pending order will be transacted at the first available price when the market hits the set price. However, this price might be different from the set price due to the price movement and dealing making rules. The execution price might be better or worse than the set price.

  • Volume per trade

    Forex is default to be 40 lots and metal is default to be 20 lots. Clients can apply for a higher volume per trade. However, the transaction cost will be higher if the volume per trade is higher.

  • Hedge

    It doesn't require extra margin
    Notes: hedge doesn't lock in the profit and loss. The variable spreads would make the profit and loss float. Hedging heavy position would lead to stop out when the swaps and spreads increase.

  • Swaps

    Triple swap days on Wednesday

  • Holding period

    No holding period limit

  • MAM (Multi-Account Manager)

    Position can be allocated according to the equity or account number. Therefore, profit can be allocated as well.

  • Can I trade using EA?

    We support EA trading for all strategies as a STP platform

  • Execution rules when market gap

    There is market gap for all the trading products (like when market opens on Monday, data or news announced). The gap depends on the liquidity at that time. The pending orders would be executed at the next best price if the set prices weren't hit. There will be slippage, leading to extra profit or loss.

  • Margin

    In GeminiCap, the margin calculation is as follows:
    Margin=lots* contract size * market price/ leverage* margin percentage
    XAU and CFD calculation formula:
    Margin=lots* contract size * market price/ leverage* margin percentage
    1) XAU has fixed leverage of 200, XAU and CFD's margin requirement is not linked to the leverage of trading account.
    2) if the product's base currency is not USD, it will be converted into USD.
    For example:
    1) if client trade a standard lot XAUUSD at 1337.52 and his trading account leverage is 1:400, the margin is calculated as:

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